• Current Exhibition

    Current Exhibition

    "The Land (Owns You)"
    Carlson Tower Gallery
    North Park University 
    3225 W. Foster Ave Chicago, IL
    November 1st - 25th, 2022
    Curated by Tim Lowly


    Joel Sheesley, Bethann Moran Handzlik, Katie Cooper, Nik Burkhart, Mark Opirhory and Kathryn Joy Nellis

    In this group exhibition each artist is represented by a single “landscape” artwork. The intent of this exhibition is to investigate what a landscape painting can be and perhaps to raise questions regarding conventional expectations of landscape from the picturesque to the record of possession.

    My artwork included in exhibit:
    Among What We Have Lost, 2022
    Graphite, Acrylic on Canvas
    31.75" x 79.375" x 1.25"

    Moving back to a rural area after living for over a decade in a large urban environment has resensitized my awareness of nature and the land around me. On a drive through Leelanau County, I encountered a large cherry orchard that had been completely stripped, leaving only a section of the tree stumps above the ground. After experiencing the events of the last few years, the stark images of the dark trunks with severed limbs became a stand-in for the emotional state of the larger American context. The shape of each trunk and the trauma that it has sustained is unique, but together their bodies form an entire orchard that bears witness to a collective loss that reaches back further than just recent events. Intuitively, I knew that making artwork rooted in this imagery could be a way of entering into my own personal grief and loss. I hope that others find these works helpful in naming their own struggles in an effort to move forward.

  • Upcoming Exhibition

    Upcoming Exhibition

    Title forthcoming: Two person exhibition at the Elizabeth Lane Oliver Center for the Arts
    - Frankfort, Michigan

    February 24, 2023 – March 31, 2023

    Image: "The Sentinel" 25" x 19.875" x 2.75"